Volunteer Attorney Reimbursement Policy

SMRLS is committed to using Volunteer Attorneys to accomplish our mission and to help close the justice gap in our service area. To support our Volunteer Attorneys, SMRLS offers mileage and parking reimbursement for those Volunteers who request.

Eligibility for reimbursement is determined by the total parking cost and mileage in an individual case.

- Volunteer Attorneys who drive more than 55 miles over the course of a SMRLS case may be reimbursed according to the SMRLS travel reimbursement policy in place at the time the Volunteer accepted the case.

- Volunteer Attorneys who incur more than $45 in parking expenses over the court of a case will be eligible for parking reimbursement.

Mileage and parking reimbursement requests, with receipts for parking fees, must be submitted in writing to your Volunteer Attorney Coordinator.  Your Coordinator will review your request and submit approved request to the SMRLS Finance Department for payment. 

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