Ramsey County Housing Court Clinic

SMRLS is co-sponsoring a new Ramsey County Housing Court Clinic, running every Tuesday and Thursday morning during the Housing Court first appearance calendar. Clients receive free legal advice from a volunteer attorney before heading into the courtroom. They can also apply for Emergency Assistance and work with a mediator from the Dispute Resolution Center to reach a settlement in their case.

SMRLS needs volunteer attorneys to help us staff the clinic. We are looking for volunteers to come in once or twice a month, or more. You do not need to have experience with landlord/tenant law.

If you are interested in volunteering, please complete our a Volunteer Attorney Application and watch the volunteer training videos listed below. Click here for the presentation in the video.

SMRLS staff attorneys from our housing unit recently conducted a training for participating in housing court advice clinics during the pandemic and remotely. To receive access to the training please email emily.bowen@smrls.org.

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