If your landlord is trying to evict you, raise your rent, shut off your utilities, is refusing to give back a security deposit or is not making necessary repairs, SMRLS may be able to help.

NOTICE: The Governor's Order gives the Minnesota Attorney General authority to enforce its provisions. If you believe your landlord is violating this order you can find more information and a tenant eviction complaint form here.


Cases we normally handle:

Problems with your landlord, including where:

  • The landlord is not making repairs to address serious repair problems
  • The landlord has illegally changed the locks
  • The landlord has illegally retaliated for a tenant enforcing their rights

Evictions, including:

  • Evictions from manufactured homes
  • Where there are children in the household;
  • the family receives a rental assistance subsidy;
  • the head of the household has special needs;
  • the landlord is discriminating against the household; or
  • there are serious repair problems.

We also handle cases where:

  • We can help homeowners keep their houses
  • The household is facing the loss of a rental assistance subsidy
  • We can help tenants who are victims of illegal housing discrimination enforce their rights.
  • A family or individual is being denied access to public housing because of discrimination or because they were a victim of domestic violence



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