Volunteer Resources

Many thanks to our current volunteers in our Volunteer Attorney Program (VAP).  Here are some resources and information to help you do your work. 

Ramsey County Housing Court Clinic

SMRLS forms

Legal forms

Legal resources

SMRLS VAP coordinators

Carol Bros, VAP Supervisor
651-222-5863 / carol.bros@smrls.org

Denise Nicolay, Legal Checkup VAP Coordinator
507-387-5588 / denise.nicolay@smrls.org

Kelly Kinyon, Outstate VAP Coordinator
507-387-5588 / kelly.kinyon@smrls.org

Sarah Pherson, Metro VAP Coordinator 
651-222-5863 / sarah.pherson@smrls.org

Mary Stoos, Outstate VAP Coordinator for
Pro Se Divorce Clinics
507-454-6660 / mary.stoos@smrls.org

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