What Is Housing Support?

December 6, 2017

The Housing Support program used to be called “Group Residential Housing.”  It pays for the cost of group homes and similar places for vulnerable adults. Some counties, including Ramsey and Dakota, also use this program to pay the costs of emergency shelter for homeless adults with children.

SMRLS has appealed when our clients have been evicted from these emergency shelters. The state requires a 10-day notice for terminating a person from a program. SMRLS has successfully argued that ten-day notice is required to terminate the Housing Support-funded shelter stay itself, not just to close the case file at the county.

At SMRLS, we also run into questions about overpayments in the housing support program. Counties sometimes pay the group home too much by mistake and then ask the client to pay the county back.  It is not clear that the law allows counties to do this.  SMRLS has appealed this issue. 

Housing Support has many technical rules.  Some people in group homes are more difficult to care for than others. There are specific rules on how much can be paid when the person can also receive help through another program, such as waivered services through Medical Assistance. If a county gets the rules wrong, a client might be at risk of losing his or her home.  In these cases, SMRLS attorneys and paralegals have worked to make sure that Housing Support pays what it should.

Housing Support is a complex area serving many people who may not understand all of its rules. SMRLS is here to help these people get the Housing Support that is intended for them.

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